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VT1611 -- 3G TrackLight™ GPS Tracker
To coincide with the Californian Trucking Show, Anytrek is proud to announce the release of our new covert trailer and heavy truck tracker, TrackLight.

This advanced tracker has been designed specifically for trailer and heavy truck tracking.

It looks, plugs in and functions exactly the same as a standard 4” LED tail light, providing the ultimate in covert tracking and installation. Designed to function in the harsh conditions encountered on the road, it is waterproof, dustproof and shock proof.

Inside the lamp case is a powerful GPS tracking module connected via a 3G modem, ensuring location updates are received reliably and accurately.

Fully configurable, TrackLight is connected to the trailer or truck using the standard 3 pin tail light plug; and the built-in Lithium Ion battery will provide up to 3 months of location reporting with automatic notifications of changed conditions.

Even with all this technology, the TrackLight uses less than half the power used by a normal incandescent tail light.

The TrackLight tracker contains clever software to optimize battery life. The on-board logic will prevent it from reporting if the location has not changed, which greatly extends the life of the battery.

The TrackLight tracker is true plug and drive. Installation is as simple as replacing one of your own tail lights, that’s all there is to it!

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VT1501 -- Dash Cam with Real Time GPS Tracking
Introducing the VT1501, the first GPS enabled dash camera to include a 3G cellular modem to provide real time location tracking. Only the VT1501 can provide the security of continuously recorded high resolution recording of the journey as well as the competitive advantage of knowing exactly where the vehicle is, any time of the day. Use the feature rich web portal to see the vehicle’s progress, invite customers to view their delivery in real time, or use the new route function to plan optimal route deviations.
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VT1508 -- Modular GPS Tracking Systems for Trucks
Customers have differing requirements, so it’s difficult for a single product to satisfy everyone. At Anytrek we understand this and have developed 2 different ‘in-cab’ trackers, aimed at the fleet and transport market.
Our VT1508 is a low cost, robust tracker that is covertly mounted and continuously reports its location every 60 seconds. Simple and quick to install, it only requires 3 connections to activate it. Connected to the ignition accessory circuit, it can also report the status of the ignition, and coupled with the GPS module provides an effective snapshot on the performance of the vehicle, how long it’s running for, how much idling takes place, how much down time there is in total.
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VT1510 -- Compact GPS Tracking System for Trailers
Utilising the 3G/4G network for superior performance and advanced GPS modules for enhanced positioning, this compact dry goods trailer tracker has been designed to be installed quickly, safely and cleanly. Specifically designed to be installed from inside the trailer by a single person, the VT1510 removes the risk of injury associated with external mounted units. Unlike most other trailer trackers it minimises the visual impact on the trailer as the only visible component is a small 3” dome protruding from the front wall of the trailer. We put a lot of thought into the design of the VT1510 to ensure minimal holes were needed to install the tracker and also made it very unobtrusive.
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VT1509 -- Integrated OBD Tracker
For customers that require more operational information from their fleet, we are proud to introduce our VT1509, which plugs directly into the OBD port. Designed to cater for heavy vehicles as well as light commercial and personal verhicles, the VT1509 has been designed to suit all OBD plug formats. Reading the CAN BUS directly enables the device to detect and send programmable alerts for fault codes as well as reading vehicle operational data.
Buffering the data in the built-in memory, the VT1509 will buffer and transmit the stored data to our secure servers every 60 seconds, where it is displayed as a constant stream of information on the web portal.
Fuel usage, harsh events, maintenance requirements can all be reported by the VT1509.The device also contains a Li backup battery that can maintain the device in standby mode for up to 2 months should the main power supply to the vehicle get disconnected allowing it to continue sending location updates at regular intervals.
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software info
software solution
See a single vehicle or many vehicles’ locations at the click of a mouse button. Easy to identify colour coding quickly tells you whether a vehicle is moving, idling or off. The current location, speed, direction, and other data can be seen on the screen as well as the time since the last location report. All the data you need to run an effective fleet at your fingertips. Quickly resolve customer queries by playing back any journey to verify the route and times. Print off accurate mileage and distance reports to assist in verifying driver hours. Easily generate timely IFTA reports based on accurate location data. Generate reports to identify excess idling habits or routes and change habits in order to reduce fuel consumption and wear and tear on the vehicles. Monitor and modify drivers’ behaviours to improve safety, reduce risk and minimise expenses such as speeding fines. Analyse idling time and fuel usage as well as optimising routes to reduce time spent in traffic. Bottom line; reduced costs and improved profitability. Make sure your vehicles are optimising their fuel usage through minimising idle time and time spent in traffic. Maximise the effectiveness of your fleet by being able to manage loads and runs better by having access to accurate information. Ensure that scheduled maintenance and services are performed through system generated reminders.
Anytrek's Mission: Deliver the load, return the driver home safely.
Our mission: Deliver the load, return the driver
home safely.
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