(VT1501) Active GPS Dash Cam

(VT1501) Active GPS Dash Cam


Large easy to see 2.3 inch full color TFT screen

Easy to operate, one button recording, playback and archiving

"G-sensor" automatically saves video footage if impact is detected

Real-time GPS tracking with global GSM network

Smartphone apps and web portals available


Your personal eye witness

Commercial vehicles spend the majority of their time on very busy roads. Incidents can occur in a flash, yet can take ages to resolve. The VT1501 is your guardian angel ready to support you with all the evidence required.
- Advanced Shock Sensor to capture and record critical moments.
- Full HD Video Recording with automatic secure storage of video files when the shock sensor identifies an event.
- Remote GPS Tracking that provides real time location updates every 60 seconds to allow the vehicle's location to be seen on a web portal, tablet or smartphone, from anywhere in the world.
- Playback Software that displays the video, time and date stamps, location on Google maps, speed, direction and shock sensor status in one easy to read screen. Click on the camera icon to create an image of the screen to attach to an email as proof of location, or click on the disk icon to save the video footage in a playable format.

The VT1501 offers driver, vehicle and load security. Simple and quick to install, the VT1501 can be up and running and protecting your personnel and vehicles almost instantly. Complete with an integrated SIM card providing 24/7 location updates. No contracts, no worries.

2.3 inch TFT
1280* 720, 30fps
125 degree
Lens aperture
AV out , USB2.0 & HDMI
External memory card
4GB-64GB Mini TF card (not included)
Video Segment
1mins/ 2mins/ 3mins/
GPS Accuracy
From 1 to 10 meters

VT1501 is much more than a standard DVR unit. It is also a very powerful GPS tracking device that provides real time location data over the 3G cell network. Receive impact or motion alerts direct to your mobile phone. It stores location metadata about the journey as well the accompanying HD videos. The VT1501 comes with its own video replay software which provides not only the video replay, but also a Google Map window showing the location of the unit, speed and direction as well as the G-Sensor readout. All the information required to investigate an incident, review driver behaviour or defend a dispute.

Replay the journey in High Definition.

The High Definition camera used in the VT1501 is also well suited for recording at night, wthout the need for extra lighting. Video files are stored on the onboard SD card. The actual date and time of the recording is displayed continuously in the replay screen, allowing you to easily find the time of any incident.

Trace the journey using Google Maps.

The video replay software also displays the location of the unit on a easy to read map. As the video plays, the pointer moves to accurately show the map location of the current video footage being displayed. Check route and traffic conditions as experienced by the driver, review incidents firsthand.

Easily see any harsh events.

The VT1501 has an inbuilt G-Sensor which accurately records any sudden or harsh movements. Should it sense a significant and sudden movement, it will change the filename of the video clip currently being recorded to prevent it from being overwritten.

Verify speed and direction.

The replay software interprets the speed and direction data encoded within the video clip and displays them at the top of the screen.

Click here to download the player software for the Dash Cam.

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