(VT1611) TrackLight 4” Tail Light GPS Tracker
(VT1611) TrackLight 4” Tail Light GPS Tracker
(VT1611) TrackLight 4” Tail Light GPS Tracker

(VT1611) TrackLight 4” Tail Light GPS Tracker


Simple to install, simple to use

Ultimate covert truck/trailer tracker

Uses 3G network for superior coverage

Replaces your existing tail light

Economical, reliable, effective


Ultimate plug and drive


Anytrek analysed the trailer trackers currently available and thought; there must be a better approach.

All the existing trackers shared some common drawbacks.

- They required holes to be cut into the trailer in order to be mounted.
- The trailer’s wiring had to be spliced in order to access power. 
- They are very visible and provide an easy target for tampering.
- They require the trailer to spend time off the road in order for the tracker to be installed.

We also looked long and hard at the types of trailers these trackers are attached to; dry goods trailers, reefers, chassis, flatbeds, soft side, tankers…

All of them presented different mounting challenges.

We then asked, ‘what is common among the majority of trailer types and manufacturers?’


The answer was literally staring us in the face; the tail light.


The vast majority of trailer manufacturers use the standard 4” trailer light and case. While there are still some models using the light with a light bulb, the vast majority have moved to the LED equipped tail/stop/turn light.


The answer seemed obvious; however the challenge to develop an effective, accurate and reliable tracker to work in such a hostile environment was significant. Mounted inside a steel box, subjected to the elements, dust and vibration meant the design had to cater to all these issues and still be a robust, reliable tracker.

After much simulated and real life testing where we exposed our prototypes to excessive vibration, sand storms and fire hose streams, we are very pleased to present TrackLight, our GPS tracker specifically designed for the heavy truck/trailer market.


Designed to operate both in hitched and unhitched modes, TrackLight will continue to function reliably, providing vital location data to allow you to monitor your assets no matter where they are.


    Are these devices available yet?? How soon can I order 30 for testing ? Do you need a sales / dealer for these in Mid-Atlantic area??
    can u send me more info and cost of this tracker and costs of plans to track equipment
    Darren Olson
    We are a Canadian GPS tracking company with dealers in the heavy truck/reefer/trailer servicing business in Toronto.
    We currently deploy trailer GPS trackers, commission SIM cards and maintain the tracking software.
    We are interested in your TrackLight product to add to our solutions.
    Could you send more information as this is an interesting product for this industry.

    Kind regards,

    Darren Olson
    Green-Protocol Inc.
    Toronto Canada
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