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Getting Started
How do I activate / reactivate a device ?
Activating your device is quick and easy! To get started, Click this link to the Guardian page or click the Guardian link under the 'Locate Your Device' tab on the top of our Website.
Creating a New Account
If this is your first device from Anytrek, click on the ‘Don’t have an account’ button on the Guardian home page to create your account to gain access to the Guardian portal.
This will open the account creation page.
Input your information as requested.
Once that step has been successfully completed, you will be presented with the device registration page.Look for the device ID on the bottom of the device box and input all the digits.
Click 'Submit' and if all the details are valid, your account is created and your device registered. Please allow up to 1 hour for activation to occur. Once your device has been activated, you can start to use it.
How do I install the device and start tracking ?
Installation varies between devices and full instructions can be found in the Guardian portal in the ‘Downloads’ section.
Take your device for a ten minute drive to charge the backup battery in the device and to allow the device to connect with the GPS satellites in order to start locating. You can sign in to the Guardian portal to see your location, or use the smartphone apps.
Installation Warnings
Do not place wires anywhere they may overheat.
Do not place wires anywhere they may be damaged or cut.
Do not install devices near shortwave radios, alarm modules or power inverters.
How it works ?
If you are interested in our device, please contact us
user interface
Web Portal
Location Sharing
One click to share your location to others.
Fuel Tax Report
One click to check your fuel and report
Trip Report
View the historical locations of your fleet with detailed trace activity on the map. Load the appropriate time period in order to resolve a customer query, verify overtime claims and check route and fuel data. Access the same level of data on the free smartphone application available for iPhone and Android smartphones.
Mileage Report
One click to check your mileage and report
On-board Diagnostic
Our plug-and-play units now come with diagnostic reporting. We will read on-board computer codes through the OBDII port to monitor various aspects of your vehicle’s health such as coolant temps, battery voltage, fuel levels and engine RPM. The diagnostic data will constantly be analyzed by our tracking systems and alert you via text message or email if there are any triggered alerts in relation to your vehicle’s maintenance.The diagnostic data will also be able to provide a very accurate snapshot of your vehicle’s performance, and if installed on multiple vehicles, an effective method to compare performance across your fleet.
Visual Monitoring
Full HD Video Recording with automatic secure storage of video files when the shock sensor identifies an event.
Real Time Location
See a single vehicle or many vehicles’ locations at the click of a mouse button. Easy to identify colour coding quickly tells you whether a vehicle is moving, idling or off. The current location, speed, direction, and other data can be seen on the screen as well as the time since the last location report. All the data you need to run an effective fleet at your fingertips.
mobile app
Smartphone Applications(currently iPhone and Android)
Location, speed, route and efficiency monitoring
History and Reporting
Cargo Management and Security
Remote trailer security
How can I log in ?
Q: Unable to log in. Warning: This app won't run without Google Play service, which are missing from your phone.
A: Please search and download Google Play services.
Q: Unable to log in. Warning: Google Play services, which some of your applications rely on, is not supported by your device. Please contact the manufacturer for assistance.
A: Please contact the device manufacturer for assistance.
Q: I've forgotten my password. How can I get it back ?
A: Your AnyTruck portal administrator can reset your password for you.

Create your new account

1495   2015-12-19

Creating a New Account

If this is your first device from Anytrek, click on the ‘Don’t have an account’ button on the Guardian home page to crea...
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